Anonymous asked: Hoya has on twitter a picture of someone's butt, is it his own butt? ^o^

It’s Sungyeol’s butt.

Anonymous asked: does Sungjong still attends Jeonju Arts High School or does he already attends college?

he graduated from high school, no word on college yet

Anonymous asked: are official pictures with the company logo editable?

if they’re from the fan cafe starting around can u smile era, no. ones from the facebook are fine.

Anonymous asked: Why were clover and fedora an option? O__O Inspirit and no limit I understand but...

clover.. lucky? 7 members? no idea about fedora though

Anonymous asked: Actually the website is a lie~ I own it and the DVD itself says on it that it's region-free (tinypic(.)com/r/pf06/5). I'm in Canada and I was able to play it on both my computer and DVD player no problem. :)

oh really?? thank you very much then!

Anonymous asked: The Leaping Over concert DVD is actually available to buy on YesAsia still, and it's region-free so it can be watched in any player. :)

lol i got really excited for this but it says it’s a region 2 dvd. however that means lots of you can still play it so there you go! 

Anonymous asked: how did "inspirit" become the fandom name? (I heard people voted for it, but is that true and is the poll/results still online somewhere? what were the other names?)

it was voted on in the fancafe~ clover, fedora, no limit and inspirit were the final four choices. inspirit won by a landslide, it got over 70% of the final votes, but i can’t remember the rankings past that ;;; 

Anonymous asked: Do you know why Woolliment Entertainment apologized today?

unresolved issues between the fan managers and fansites

Anonymous asked: did 120311 k-collection in seoul already aired? I can't find it on youtube :c

as far as i know it’s not actually going to air on tv, sorry! 

Anonymous asked: wait, so infinite will have a concert dvd? is it out yet?!

iirc it was only available on their jp site which does not ship intl